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100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls are a great way to enhance the fabrics of your laundry. By gently lifting and separating clothing they decrease drying time and save you money, power and time.
Add a small drop of essential oil to your dryer ball to have a beautiful smell permeate throughout your laundry.
Our Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats will have you in the kitchen and having fun again.
They utilise special non-stick technology to insure nothing sticks to it.
They also evenly distribute heat to have your meals cooked evenly and efficiently.
Once your done, simply wipe down with warm water. It's that easy!

Revolution NZ's Ewe-nique Wool Dryer Balls give back to Nepal.

Food Dreams, with iCreate Bakeware

Yes, we all have them.
Whether it comes to you while your sound asleep or forms in front of your eyes as your watching your favourite cooking show.
Perhaps you took your partner on a date to a popular restaurant, and after tasting their signature dish, you dreamed of recreating it at home....
Natural disasters have a profound affect on entire communities.
The devastation caused is often too great to be repaired without additional outside help.
The earthquakes of April 2015 in Nepal are a prime example of this.
Many lives were lost, people displaced, and families affected by this terrible act of nature.
The stories of these kind hearted people sent their own shockwaves through the rest of society and around the world....
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